More news from Kurdistan

Sent in by Pete Adams on 28 October (edited)

Kurdish BibleThis evening I had some very bad reports of militias causing terror in Kurdistan. There are videos circling of Kurdish women being abused and children being killed. The sadism of the militias is said to be worse than previous occupiers and some kidnapped Peshmerga have been brutally murdered.

We need to pray earnestly for our brethren, X, B, Z as they call themselves. Trust the Lord to spare their families. This nightmare situation is something we cannot envisage here in the UK.
Also this from a Kurdish friend:

“Thanks brother for your help and triey to pray for me and for my brothers at Kurdistan. As you know psychlogical situation people in Kurdistan is very bad beacuse all Kurdish people and our brother in Kurdistan fell - sorrow for Peshmarga for Kurdish peolpe in Kirkuk an Dozxormatu. Please pray for Kurdish peolpe .Another time thanks for your praying.”

Peter Adams, 04/11/2017

Peter Adams (Guest) 09/11/2017 20:27
New Death Threats for Kurdish Believers.

I’ve been in a video call to friends in Kurdistan who I visited a couple months ago. They have bad news concerning their safety, yet in this darkness there is the encouragement of seeing the light of new believers coming to faith.

After a recent distribution to Muslim widows and mothers who lost sons fighting Daesh, they’ve received death threats. This has unfortunately meant they have had to leave their homes for the safety of Irbil. Quite incredibly in the midst of these tribulations they are seeing Muslims come to faith. Another two men have come to believe in Yeshua in these last days.

It seems almost bizarre that while we in the west are busy discussing and debating the rapture, and whether Christians are due to go through tribulation, our brothers are faced with some very trying and testing times. Consider the domestic difficulties on top of this, with some spouses not being saved and the pressure on these marriages.

Apart from this, they have the looming political specter of Iran hanging over them barely half and hour away. Iran is pushing to have a crescent running from ancient Persia through Iraqi Kurdistan, Syria and Lebanon opening the way to the Mediterranean Sea. And of course poised to take Israel from her northern border.

Thankfully we have the scriptures full of exhortation to those already enduring hardships and living under an antichrist system already. These are two we discussed this evening.

“They will make you outcasts from the synagogue, but an hour is coming for everyone who kills you to think that he is offering service to God.”
??John? ?16:2? ?

While in this context Yochanan speaks about is Judaism, the exact same applies to those put out the mosques. The Mullahs have been speaking about our brethren and their need to be put to death.

Paul gave further warning that followers of Yeshua must not expect to enter the kingdom any other way than by tribulation.

“strengthening the souls of the disciples, encouraging them to continue in the faith, and saying, "Through many tribulations we must enter the kingdom of God."”
??Acts? ?14:22? ?

I ask you who care to please pray for them. And those already praying to please continue praying the Lords protection over them and their families. They are in desperate need our prayers and have asked I convey their deep appreciation for our love towards them and our concern. These people do not have other Christians to look to for guidance and support. Antony Simon was one man who made the difference in their lives and it’s been given to us to continue his ministry.

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