TT Charity end-of-year/start-of-year update 

By Tim Harrold 23-27.12.17

Dear all,

Transformation Thurrock is transforming again! Now that TT has become a charity, it has found its core vision shifting into new areas of potential activity and emphasis.

Also, Colin Baker, pastor of Grays Baptist Church and longtime chair of TT - both before and after becoming a charity - has stood down. It was always his plan to see TT become a charity and then after a year to step aside in order to concentrate on other projects.

So, for a couple of months, the remaining TT Charity trustees are devoting themselves to prayer as they seek the way forward.

Simultaneously, TT's 'Creative Consultant' Tim Harrold is taking time out with his wife Vera to also consider their future.

TTblack outlineA consequence of this is that a number of regular activities that have previously been facilitated by Tim - or with his help - will be taken on by the trustees or others. The website will be updated but e-news may not be sent out with such regularity (the new website is still being developed).

If you require information about the website or want to post something on it, please email Andy Blakey on

For Thurrock Watchmen news, please email Roy Edworthy on He will keep in touch with those on the contact list via email. The next Watchmen event remains as advertised.

Tim will endeavour to complete, by the end of January, the Faith Organisations’ Survey that many local churches have already completed. At the time of writing, there are some 12 places of worship pending, with another dozen or so that will require a bit more work to make contact with. This will bring the total up to the region of 80 or so faith centres.

The Thurrock Leaders Prayer (TLP) dates and venues for February onwards will be collated in due course, maybe by someone who’s a regular and passionate attender of the TLP. Someone will be in touch with all the ‘usual suspects’. The TLP programme will continue as published up until the end of January. There should be no need to contact Tim about any of the TLP’s arrangements from now on.

As we enter the new year, we also enter a ‘new day’. The number 8 of 2018 is symbolic of new beginnings, and in Hebrew is represented by a gate. Jesus said, “I am the gate for the sheep,” and told his followers that his sheep know his voice.

Please pray for TT, the borough, and Tim and Vera, at this time of change. TT is going through the gateway into the new... as indeed we all are at the dawn of a new year.

We may not know the future, but we can anticipate more of the more of Jesus.

More revealed kingdom; more heaven invasion; more poured-out presence; more environmental freedom; more joy unspeakable; more angelic atmospherics; more miracle mindedness; more jubilee justice; more wide-awake watchers; more fished followers; more unchained church; more unbridled bride.

This isn’t ‘charismatic’ culture: this is Jesus culture. This is the Three-in-One being what They can only be, just doing what They do.

This is Father-Son-Holy Spirit being completely consistent with who they are.

This is the unzipped, split-open dimension of the endless Light of God’s good eternity being spilt unceasingly on an unsuspecting mire-wallowing world of shadow and pale reflection.

And there’s always more. Always more.

A simple prayer, then: “More, Lord!”

“An Angel's plea... 'Don't be afraid!'. Immanuel born to iradicate our fears. Mary holding the kiss of heaven in her arms. The child-king grows, now heaven's son is holding humanity in his heart. He loves. He stays. And he says to each of us, 'You don't have to be lonely any more!'” John O’Brien

“When God gives us a promise, He is releasing us from logic to imagination. He wants us to see beyond the problem to the promise’s fulfillment.” Graham Cooke

“This has been a year of shaking, but I keep hearing the Lord say, 'Do not be discouraged!' God is lining things up for people to encounter His Love through radical breakthrough and revival!” Doug Addison


Tim Harrold, 01/01/2018

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