Words you will never hear God say

by Paul Young, author of The Shack

  • ruinThe depth of my affection for you is dependent on you

  • I expected you to do better

  • If you don't say the magic words, my hands are tied... Sorry about that

  • I don't like being with you when things get messy

  • I allow evil because it will make you a better person

  • You aren't allowed to participate until you are perfect

  • I would rather you attempt to be holy than be honest

  • You are deafer than my ability to communicate

  • I only love you today because I know your potential

  • Shaming is sometimes a good thing

  • I find your questions offensive

  • I put up with you only because Jesus loves you


  • What are the opposites to these statements?
  • Have you ever found yourself thinking or saying these things about yourself or others?
  • How do these thoughts change the way you see yourself?
  • How do these thoughts change the way you see your Creator Father, Papa God?
  • How do these thoughts change the way you think your heavenly Daddy thinks about you?
  • How do these thoughts change the way you interact with others... at home? in church? at work? in the world?
  • How could being and saying the opposite to these thoughts change the church and the world?

Paul Young, 24/10/2017

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