Thurrock Watchmen autumn gathering

Tim Harrold and Roy Edworthy

I have posted watchmen on your walls, Thurrock;
they will never be silent day or night.
You who call on the Lord, give yourselves no rest…

Is. 62:6

At next Thurrock Watchmen gathering for local prayer warriors and prophetic intercessors on 10 November, we will be praying through requests made by delegates at the Transformation Thurrock Charity Launch on 7 October.

This time we're meeting in the far west of the borough (we've done the east and the centre) - inside the M25! Aveley Christian Centre has in the past been the location for 24-7 Prayer weeks and the Global Day of Prayer M25 'Nutcracker' (see elsewhere on this website for details!). We also hammered a stake into the ground there once as a symbol of staking God's claim (or reclaiming) of this land.

ACC's address can be found on the poster below.

Other prayer on this evening will include a number of prayer stations to focus us on various subjects affecting the borough at this time, as well as the Green Pastures' Hope for the Homless event taking place on the same night at Grays Baptist Church.

Worship will be led by good friends of TT, Neil & Laura Frost, who will be taking us into the atmoshere of heaven and the environment of freedom.

Please remember the Watchmen guidelines we agreed on at the start of this. They are republished here under the poster.

A PDF of the poster below can be downloaded using the link to the left.

Watchmen flyer Nov 2017 v2



  • No sermons! Prayers to be prayers, not long exhortations or teaching...
  • Keep it positive and encouraging! Pray for, not against...
  • Bless, don't curse!
  • Release God's goodness, love, joy, grace and presence into people, perplexities and places… No 'binding and loosing'…
  • Come in an attitude of praise to God and worship in God!
  • Remember, it's always about what God's doing and is going to do! It's never about what the enemy's doing or might be doing...


For Thurrock Watchmen gatherings to…

  • be free-flowing with simultaneous worship, prayer and the prophetic taking place continuously
  • have an open mic to share dreams, visions and pictures through relationship and mutual trust
  • be safe places to share and make mistakes
  • be 'open heaven' times and places that shift the atmosphere over the borough


Tim Harrold and Roy Edworthy, 20/10/2017

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