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Transformation Thurrock:
Singing from the same hymn sheet 

As we approach the full launch of the Transformation Thurrock charity, Tim Harrold has put together this document intended to clarify aspects of the TT vision, hence the notion of singing from the same hymn sheet - an appropraite analogy for the diffferent members of the church body!

It is not so much what we're going to do, but why we do what we do. Think of it as a corporate commission and a template, complementing the Declaration of Unity made at Thurrock Pentecost 2016.


  • Resourcing and facilitating united prayer and united mission
  • A relational and enabling network of church expressions, leaders, grassroots, and believing influencers in local spheres of society
  • Pursuing God's heart to transform the borough

Vision and motivation

  • "I'm going to transform the reputation of by which Essex is known." Carl Wills - this includes Thurrock!
  • Three keys to take hold of and use to facilitate revival and reformation according to Robert Hotchkin:
    • worship and intercession
    • unity (life and life to the full in Jesus)
    • grace (to deal with spirits of religion and humanism)

TT new logoValues

  • Dependency upon the Spirit and the Word
  • Love is the highest peak we climb together
  • Relational, not positional leadership
  • Mutual honour
  • Celebrating diversity of personality, gift and grace
  • Collaboratively serving the vision
  • We do what our relationships and gift mix make possible

The dream

  • To see every facet of Thurrock transformed by God's creative genius


We declare and stand together to see for every part of the borough:
  • God is good
  • Thurrock is loved
  • Thurrock is designed for worship
  • There is hope for Thurrock
  • Thurrock's future is glorious
  • Thurrock's potential is endless
  • Thurrock's resources are limitless
  • Thurrock's welcome is generous
  • It's all in Jesus


  • To create an oasis of faith in a desert of unbelief
  • To release from control into freedom
  • To work towards the end when there will be only one church, and that church will have only one apostle

Tim Harrold, 21/09/2017

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